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Course Overview

About C REACT:

React is a JavaScript package that is free and open source that is used to create user interfaces for single-page apps. It manages the view layer for both online and mobile applications. Reusable UI components may also be made using React. Jordan Walke, a software developer for Facebook, developed React at first. In 2011 and 2012, Facebook's newsfeed and Instagram.com both used React for the first time.

React is a coherent, effective, and adaptable JavaScript user interface framework. It enables you to build intricate user interfaces out of discrete, little pieces of code known as "components."


React enables programmers the ability to create complex online applications that can modify data without refreshing the page. Quickness, scalability, and simplicity are the main aims of React. Only user interfaces for software are supported.

One of the key frontend development libraries is react.js.

React programming has become the web's future due to its improved versatility and ease of usage.

Understanding "ReactJS" is essential because it enables developers to build incredibly engaging online applications and user interfaces in a fraction of the time it takes to build large-scale projects with often changing data. React is robust, smart, responsive, risk-free, and user-friendly, which are its benefits.

What You’ll Gain:

The knowledge learned will help you enhance your SEO experience, which will drive more visitors to your site and is a must-have for online success. The ReactJs library is better able to handle search engine failure, resulting in an excellent SEO-friendly environment.

Easy to Remember:

ReactJS is more focused and easier to understand than other JavaScript frameworks. Because of the simplicity and convenience of use provided by the React library, many firms are changing or embracing it. The ease of learning React has over other popular front-end frameworks such as Angular and Vue.


  • Introduction 
  • Setting up react environment
  • Setting up a react project using npm npx
  • Understanding react folder structure
  • Updating app file in react
  • Why choose JSX  for templating in react
  • Using attributes in JSX
  •  Using styles in JSX
  • Using JSX expression in JSX react
  • Understanding the usage of React
  • Difference between functional vs class
  •  Using props with functional components
  • Using props in class components
  • Using children props in class components and functional components
  • What to do and what not to do
  • Possibilities of using nested components multiple times
  • Understanding state in detail


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