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Microsoft Excel Basics Course

Sample Videos 

Here are some of the videos you can get when you enrol for the course (Intermediate)

Overview of Microsoft Excel for Intermediate

(Video 3) - Customizing Worksheet

(Video 4) - How To Clean Up Your Data Through Sorting

(Video 7) 10 - 15 Quick Excel Functions

Microsoft Excel Course

These are just some sneak peaks of what you will be exposed however if you wish to experience the full-time experience you may click the link provided. 


  • Introduction
  • Excel 101
  • Customizing Worksheets
  • How to Clean Up Your Data through Sorting
  • Adding Fully Automated Customized Formatting Part 1
  • Adding Fully Automated Customized Formatting Part 2
  • Extract the Information You Need – The Fast Route, Part I - Combining cells using formulas
  • Extract the Information You Need – The Fast Route, Part II - Splitting cells, text to columns
  • Extract the Information You Need – The Fast Route, Part III - Extract important information by using filters
  • 15 Quick Excel Functions You Wish You Had Always Known
  • I always had to rely on friends and co-workers to help me with excel but was always disappointed in their lack of consistency. I found this course online, which has helped me so much. I can finally balance my budget and do the reports that my boss has been asking for!  This course is a no-brainer, even at its original price.

    Shaina Rankin

    I avoided Excel for the longest time.. but I had to learn it, as it was becoming very important for my biz. I Purchased the Beginners Course which was very helpful and easy to follow. Later I also bought the Intermediate and Advanced Course, as my needs with Excel grew as my business was growing. Plus I also wanted to teach my staff, so I needed to upgrade myself. Quick videos, and are not difficult. Excellent choice!

    James Mann

    All the courses are easy to follow, have very short and quick videos,  easy for someone like me who has a lot of fears in getting started with Excel, Word and PowerPoint. I was skeptical at first, but as I started the first video, things got going..  I got to know the basics, and it gave me the confidence to go on further with Excel. Thank you for this course!

    Jude Hodge

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