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Python is one of the most renowned programming languages in the world. It has been used to develop everything from Netflix's algorithm for suggesting shows to the software that steers self-driving cars. Python is a general-purpose language, it may be used for a variety of tasks, including data research, software and web development, automation, and everyday task completion.


For almost every industry, a Python programming solution is available. Python is extensively used to create websites and applications, automate tasks, interpret, and visualize data.

  • Course Structure
  • Our course structure would at the end of the day tip you ahead of your colleagues. Not only will you learn python language but be equipped with the most current information and skills employers are looking for.

    Key Takeaway

    Our tutors are well equipped, know the ins and outs of the course and they incorporate practical learning where you will find fun in what you do which easily helps you remember what you learnt

    What you’ll learn:

    You will learn from leading experts who have the academic and industrial experience to equip you with the most up to date information that is needed in the industry. You will get hands on experience by trying to build your own programming language with the supervision of a supervisor.

    • Introduction and Setup
    • Welcome to Python3 Course
    • Why you should learn Python3
    • Installing Python3 on Windows
    • Installing Python3 on Ubuntu and MAC
    • Taking a closer look at python
    • Networking in Python
    • Socket Terminology
    • Connecting two Machines
    • Coding a chat program
    • Receiving desired amount of data
    • Socket timeout and options
    • UDP Server and Client
    • UNIX and Raw Sockets
    • List, Tuples, Dictionaries
    • Python3 Lists
    • Creating smaller out of bigger lists
    • Manipulating List and Elements
    • Tuples
    • Introduction to Dictionaries
    • Upper and lower
    • Split, Strip and Join
    • Files in python3
    • Navigating through system
    • Reading and Writing to files
    • Values, Keys and Items
    • Dictionary Comprehension
    • Dictionary Comprehension Part 2
    • Advance String Manipulation
    • Reversing text from file
    • Error Handling
    • Try and Except
    • Try and Finally
    • Object Oriented Programme  
    • Classes
    • Changing class attributes
    • Built in class attributes
    • Using a class in a program
    • Using a class in a different program 
    • Implementing student count options
    • Class inheritance
    • Overriding methods in a Class
    • Date and Time
    • Printing and calculating date and time
    • Different Date Formats
    • Regular Expression
    • Extracting useful data
    • Regex Part 1
    • Regex Part 2
    • Interacting with h
    • Performing HTTP Get Request
    • Performing Post Request
    • Handling Website Redirection
    • Beautiful Soup
    • Proxies
    • Encoding in Requests
    • Session and Cookies
    • SSL and Authentication
    • Threading
    • Theory Behind Threaded Server
    • Emails
    •  Pdf's
    • Images
    • Sending emails using SMTPLIB
    • PDF Files
    • Images in Python


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